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The 21st Century is the century of technology and technology, and the leading societies in this field will certainly play a key role in global management. In the information and trans-industrial age, human thought should be used as a national and fundamental asset for the promotion and exploitation of technical and economic benefits. Therefore, with this approach, thinking should be considered as the source of wealth, mobility, development and progress of a society. Resource constraints necessitate that scientific thinking and the production of science be at the forefront of achieving maximum added value. In this regard, if the principle of sustainability is considered in a scientific thinking society, surely the resources available can be achieved with the help of thought and science and by adopting key strategies for comprehensive and sustainable development. Today’s fast-paced and evolving world has all the evidence that the role of human beings and human resources is central to the opening up of technologies, the creation of advanced technologies, and the production of various scientific products. In fact, the underpinning and driving force of any organization is the enormous human resource that will add value over time.
With the help of God the Great, Novin Orf Shahryar Company, in keeping with its mission of preserving human dignity and relying on the knowledge and efforts of its employees, has placed the customer at the forefront of its thinking and commitment to grow and enhance the knowledge and skills of all employees through training and Creating a healthy, transparent and participatory environment within the organization and enhancing the quality of production goes a long way towards customer satisfaction as well as the development of national, regional and distant markets. Therefore, we and all of our diligent partners in this industrial complex are committed to advancing these goals by utilizing the best and most advanced features. Your esteemed customers demonstrate our success in achieving these goals.

Seyed Ahmad Alavi

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